Past Student Work

Here are some great examples of past student work from the Diploma of Illustration.


Alex Clark (below)Alex-Clark


Antonia Glavic (below)Antonia-Glavic

Ashlee Duggan (Below)Ashlee-Duggan

Belinda Suzette Johns (Below) belinda_Suzette

Caitlin-Poduska Colm-Flynn Curran-James Emelia-Fernandez Fabian-Hernandez Hartley_Rebecca

Hilde Thomsen (below)Hilda-Thomsen

Jodee Taylor (below)Jodee Taylah_2009 (6) Jodee-Taylah-2  Jo-Waite

Lachlan Millard (below) Lachlan-Millard


Pauline Mathewson (below)Pauline-Mathewson Sean-Hughes_mixed-media_2010 Shannon-Keane

Suzana Poljak (below)Suzana-Poljak_-2010-(3) Taras-Semenenko

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