ConArtist Guides

Below are some of the many fact sheets, handouts and information booklets that I have designed and created to help my students learn more about a given topic.

Click on any image below to open up a larger version for printing or saving.

Conartist-Top-Tips-for-pencil Conartist-Guide-to-Fashion-illustrators v2-Cons-Top-Tips-for-Pen-and-Ink Cons-Top-Tips-for-Watercolour Cons-Top-Tips-for-Tracing Cons-Top-Tips-for-Referencing Cons-Top-Tips-for-Exhibiting-work Cons-Top-Tips-Folio-Submission

These information booklets contain some basic but important information for artists / illustrators who may be embarking on a freelance adventure.

Click on one of the images below to open its PDF booklet.

08_conartist-guide_top-tips-1 07_conartist-guide_image-output-1 06_conartist-guide_colour-correction-1 05_conartist-guide_scanning-artwork-1 04_conartist-guide_photographing-artwork-1 03_conartist-guide_selling-and-pricing-1 02_conartist-guide_self-yourself-1 01_conartist-guide_digital-home-setup-1

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