Sample Folio

Here is a few samples of the type of art work we would expect to see at a Folio Interview for a Diploma course here at NMIT. It’s best to show a range of work in a variety of media such as greylead, coloured pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, pastel, paint, and even digital.

sample-folio-on-blog-31 sample-folio-on-blog-01 sample-folio-on-blog-02 sample-folio-on-blog-03 sample-folio-on-blog-04 sample-folio-on-blog-05 sample-folio-on-blog-06 sample-folio-on-blog-07 sample-folio-on-blog-08 sample-folio-on-blog-09 sample-folio-on-blog-10 sample-folio-on-blog-11 sample-folio-on-blog-12 sample-folio-on-blog-13 sample-folio-on-blog-14 sample-folio-on-blog-15 sample-folio-on-blog-16 sample-folio-on-blog-17 sample-folio-on-blog-18 sample-folio-on-blog-19 sample-folio-on-blog-20 sample-folio-on-blog-21 sample-folio-on-blog-22 sample-folio-on-blog-23 sample-folio-on-blog-24 sample-folio-on-blog-25 sample-folio-on-blog-26 sample-folio-on-blog-27 sample-folio-on-blog-28 sample-folio-on-blog-29 sample-folio-on-blog-30

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