Dream Team Project 2015

This year’s Dream Team project was to design and paint a large mural for the Preston Campus courtyard. I am pleased to say that once again the selected students did not let me down. To find out more about this project please click here.

In the meantime, please enjoy these wonderful pictures.

The Dream Team Project 2014

LR_FINAL-Dream-Team-posterIn late August I had an idea. Wouldn’t it be great to select ONE student from different courses within the Visual Arts Department to come together and help produce a poster. And that’s what happened. The following image proves that we have some amazingly talented students at NMIT and Melbourne Polytechnic. At the drop of a hat, these wonderful students ‘stepped up to the plate’ and took the challenge to work together as a creative collaboration to produce the following images.




2014 Student Orientation

Welcome to another exciting academic year at NMIT. We are very busy in the Visual Arts department getting ready to welcome new and existing pathway students back to study.


On Monday the 3rd of February we are organising our very popular Student Orientation Program where we shall introduce all students to their 2014 course programs, timetables, teaching staff and of course, class mates. Should be a great year.

My Mid-Year Excursion to the City

Over the last two weeks I have visisted a number of very good galleries and public events:

Here are some of pictures to prove it.


Above is our alumni-Diploma of Illustration student Brendan Halyday (he graduted in 2009) selling some of his wares at this year’s Aussie Comic-Con in Melbourne.


Above is more of our alumni-Diploma of Illustration students Kat Young and Daniel Buchanon (they graduted in 2011) selling some of their wares at this year’s Aussie Comic-Con in Melbourne.


Here is alumni-Diploma of Illustration students Flick and Leigh (they graduted in 2011) selling some of their wares at this year’s Aussie Comic-Con in Melbourne.

july-city-art-tour04 july-city-art-tour05



july-city-art-tour06 july-city-art-tour07 july-city-art-tour08  july-city-art-tour10 july-city-art-tour11 july-city-art-tour12 july-city-art-tour13 july-city-art-tour14 july-city-art-tour15 july-city-art-tour16 july-city-art-tour17


My New Blog

Hello there.
Welcome to conartist.me
I must apologise but this blog is slowly being rebuilt due to a silly little mistake that I made last month which caused WordPress to crash my old blog. Word of advice: Don’t tinker with the settings in the engine room. Be patient with me and I imagine all will be restored by the end of Term 1.