Art History Posters

Here are a few posters I created that explore the history and timeline of Art.

01_prehistoric 02_egyptian-art 03_persian-art 04_greek-art 05_roman-art 06_early-christian 07_byzantine 08_romanesque 09_gothic 10_early-renaissance 11_high-renaissance 12_mannerism 13_baroque 14_rococo 15_neo-classicisn 16_romanticism 17_realism 18_impressionism 19_post-impressionism 20_art-nouveau 21_fauvism 22_expressionism 23_symbolism 24_cubism 25_dadaism 26_art-deco 27_surrealism 28_abstraction 29_op-art 30_pop-art 31_grafiti-art 32_manga 33_fantasy 34_photo-realism


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