Illustre 2021

The IILUSTRE 2021 Online Exhibition opens at 7pm on Thursday the 18 November.
The show represents the work of the students from the Diploma of Visual Arts Illustration stream. Due to Covid-19 restriction, the exhibition will be held in a virtual gallery to explore the many different mediums of work created for Illustration.

This year, Melbourne goes through their second year of many lockdowns and restrictions, which the students of Illustration were to work from their home. They had to work a lot harder with the limitation of not having access to many resources from campus to online classes on Zoom. With the amazing feet, they manage to stay strong through isolation to create their best creative knowledge into producing their work.

We invite you to the Illustre Exhibition to see the next future artists and their incredible achievement they have made through the global pandemic. With great pride and joy, they express remarkable dedication and their work through the challenges which were met this year of 2021. Each display of work will show how students are capable of bring professionalism and strong work ethic through any given hardships and did the impossible

CLICK HERE to view the Illustre 2021 Exhibition Catalogue

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