Meeting Shaun Tan

On Thursday morning (21.3.19) my Cert IV and Diploma students (Visual Arts) we treated to a rare and wonderful talk by the amazing artist/illustrator Shaun Tan at the Beinart Gallery in Brunswick. Jon Beinart (the owner of the gallery) was kind enough to arrange for Shaun to come and meet with my students and to talk about his second solo show at the gallery.

Needless to say, the morning went beyond all our expectations. Shaun was extremely articulate and very generous with his time. In fact she spoke for nearly two hours. What impressed me the most (and I am sure most of my students) was Shaun’s ability to explain his creative process and add meaning to each of the works on display. I am sure my students can now appreciate that skill and technique coupled with a winning personality and a compelling narrative makes for a very successful marriage.

Here are a few photos from the event.
Thank you to Shaun Tan and Jon Beinart for this most memorable event.
Shaun, you have enlightened us all.

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